Monthly Archives: October 2017

17 Oct 2017

Edge of Thirty-Seven

Upon waking on Tuesday, October 3rd,  I was struck with an intense desire to start writing.  I skipped my daily five mile morning hike and picked up my pen instead.  The day before had been full of heartbreak for many, myself included.  With the horrific mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert and Tom Petty’s passing, I felt uncontrollable sadness.  I  knew I needed to figure out how to channel that sadness into something else that would help me refocus […]

08 Oct 2017

My Journey Story with Lensbaby

I got my first DSLR camera in 2010.  I just wanted a camera that would take better pictures of my children, who were toddlers then.  At the time, I had no idea that photography would become the primary vessel through which I would develop my craft as an artist.  When I step back and look at my whole life picture, however, this all began well before I got that Rebel T2i DSLR in 2010.  My photography is very personal and […]

03 Oct 2017

Good Morning

Good Morning She awoke, like usual, with her head resting on two pillows.  A side-to-side neck stretch causes her to moan quietly in response to the loud pressure release “pop.”  Her mind fog is thick and she feels a panic within because she’s not sure what day it is.  There is a flicker of hope that it’s Saturday or Sunday morning.  Those days gift her the ability to get out of the haze slowly and avoid the jolting Monday through Friday hustle.  Then the familiar […]