The Wave (poem here)

Ocean Verse (poem here)

Today…Yesterday…Tomorrow #2 (poem here)


Today…Yesterday…Tomorrow (poem here)

Flip Side (poem here)

Untitled (words here)

Inside the Wormhole of Why




“Winter’s Back” poem here.

No less than a dream remembered…

Without subtle-tea, there is no mystery.


Mind Traffic  blog here.

Her Movable Bridge: A Tall Tale of Truth blog here

Crawling corners

Falling orders

Curled all up

In blinking towers.

Dresser top Dreamin’

Libra’s dark…Libra’s light

Bathroom Penumbra

Vedome Bathroom

The Burden of curtains

“Anyway” blog here.

Be the shelter, be the storm…


“Hotel Vendome” blog

Hardwired to be soft…

“The Edge of Thoughts” blog here

“Unslept” blog here

“To Be” blog here

Monday’s attempt at Good Morning


Flowers for Alice

“Sting, ‘stang, stung


“All that Glitters is Blue” blog here.


“The Absence of Indifference” blog here.

“Unstrung” blog here

Outsider web

afraid to swim, afraid to sink…

Let it become…


“The Dark Became Home” poem here.

“To the Sun, the Clouds, to the Moon” blog here

“shooting through the sick” blog here

“Moonlight Flight” a self-portrait taken with moonlight as the only light source.

So far, so close

Imperfect offerings



unnumb (blog here)


Standing strong> standing tall  (blog here)