Monthly Archives: February 2018

14 Feb 2018

Monster Rocket

Something I wrote many, many moons ago…it makes me laugh. Monster Rocket My jewelry box is full of your lockets So don’t talk to me about your deep pockets And your so called monster rocket   Your words ring…..out like trumpets As you’re draggin’ me ‘round town Baby you’re only missing a crown   Monster Rocket Monster Rocket Moster Rocket Lift me from the ground   Stop talkin’ to me about your regrets Do you even remember when we met? […]

14 Feb 2018

The Dark Became Home

Of facts and fairytales… in chapters of suns and moons, memories of un-borrowable beauty ride the low and falling highs. A being more vivid and more blue than before The Rain arrived. The Dark became home… cooling the day-ending rays that bleed for Night in colors all Her own… The Dark became home.   About the Artist: Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her artistic journey has taken many twists and turns but […]

07 Feb 2018

To the Sun, to the Sky, to the Moon

This very morning… To the sun I did sing Won’t your please give me a name For I have lost mine along the way And now my smiles have all slipped away Without them nothing feels right Won’t you lend me your light Just enough to curl my lips tonight This very afternoon… To the clouds I did plead Won’t you stay close to me For in here there’s no shade, no tree And I’m burning without cover With fevers […]

04 Feb 2018

shooting through the sick

I will try to make this brief, because it has the potential to be very long… Starting about 6 years ago, I was sick.  This sick lasted for years.  I started getting chronic sinus infections and accompanying intermittent fevers.  These waves of sick were increasingly taking over my life.  I was sick much more often than I was healthy.  I had never had a sinus infection in my life before moving to Arizona- so it took a long time to […]

03 Feb 2018

Moonlight Flight

103 degree fever delirium + the lure of pure moonlight at midnight…