You are still there

Rooted embryo

made of paper


flesh and flower

cut in half

clawing at the

the spaces between

sunlight and shadow

soil and sky…

Logic is lost in loveand dropped in things

of dreams

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One two three, one two three

you strip away
the excess
in the dark
with your hand
on the sound
of absence.

Unfinished poems

tossed between

dreaming and drowning

Eternal pool

of the

unconscious heart

Listening to
the old ocean…
Its absent waves
left in the sand
the sound
of the one
who was never
a stranger


The petals
Were poisoned

The shackles
Mental stitches
By society’s

To be in water

closer to the sea

in the arms that

have no seams

to split open

All eyes are of the animal…

looking down…

Aqua ceiling

Self preservation
is far
from painless

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You don’t have to pick a feeling, any feeling.

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You don’t have to
pick a feeling
any feeling.

To feel the warmth find you from the sky

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