Birdie v The Marshmallow

Whether Birdie will be on speaking terms with me for sharing these when she’s a teenager, will remain to be seen…

Che is long overdue for a haircut.  The place I take him was unusually booked up so he’s starting to get some dreads.  I love it when he gets scruffy and one of his nicknames “Che Puff Marshmallow” is being used more often now because he’s so full of fluff.  But it’s getting hotttt, so the fluff will soon have to be sheared (sad face).

These dogs mostly get along, when they have any issues, it’s really just an imbalance in energy- one has a lot more than the other.  This is just a series of them playing in the backyard.  Looking all the looks- crazy, cute, vicious, happy…


Proof he is made of marshmallow.  He is Che Puff Marshmallow. 


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