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11 Nov 2016
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29 Sep 2016

Fortune in a Fist

Fortune in a Fist She will not rage because there is no right, choke it all down, swallowed whole inside. Licking her wounds like a cat in the night, the moon carves a crescent on her wrist. shadowing the empty fortune in her fist, she will curl up, scratched, in her mountain nest.

28 Sep 2016
26 Sep 2016

No Navigation

No Navigation Dazed inside infinite doorways of doubt, no no no, it can’t be, it’s not her, she’s me, I am her. The compass is pulled apart, broken down. Navigation is a cruel mess in this town, where everything is only what you want to see, what you want it to be. What was understood is impossibly real, so the signs, in their profound certainty, reroute back to doubt, instantly. Hands feel naked with nothing to hold onto, looking for a pulse….rubbernecking for […]

26 Sep 2016

She’s a Fish

She’s a Fish Surfacing from miles down a salty sea, Formed before highways mimicked trees. Hold your breath they say… You’re from a different place, Where all that glitters is blue, Here only to pass through.

26 Sep 2016

Dungeon Girl

Dungeon Girl Snatched away from her world, to spend time as a dungeon girl. Kept away, hidden from light, plan the escape tonight.   Time goes by, year after year, learned to hide all her fears, knowing she can’t stay forever… Think of something clever.   We all know her as dungeon girl She didn’t know it’d define her for the rest of the world.   He’s all she knew and it’s a lie. He was distracted, she reacted. She […]