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13 Feb 2017

“Little One”

“Night rise Like the evening prize In a turnstile backwards we fly Cold bones Tied together by Black ropes we pulled from a swing Little one Just a little way Today all of the dreams are waking Can’t stand on crooked legs I’m cross-eyed to the wall Will these harbor lights Satellites” -Beck, “Little One” Sea Change  

09 Feb 2017

“Down for you is up…”

“If I could make the world as pure And strange as what I see I’d put you in a mirror I’d put in front of me I put in front of me.” -The Velvet Underground

09 Feb 2017
08 Feb 2017
08 Feb 2017
08 Feb 2017
29 Jan 2017
18 Jan 2017

Imperfect Offering

This series of photos was inspired by some of my all-time favorite song lyrics: “Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.” They are from Leonard Cohen’s beautifully haunting song “Anthem.”  These words have been a reminder and a source of strength for me many times in recent years.  Indeed, chasing perfection instead of embracing our flaws, would be misguided.  Our imperfect is what has immeasurable value and makes each of us like no […]

09 Jan 2017

Self Portraits

Fever-free and happy to be healthy again. ….that the universe works in tandem with inverses. It’s life’s see-saw splintered thighs and calloused hands, with a smile spread across the face.

31 Dec 2016

The Gray Attic, 1989

  The Gray Attic 1989 Sitting cross-legged in the confines of my gray attic, memories thread every corner and curve.  Soft, decaying cardboard boxes backbone empty spaces.  There is a deep chill in the darkness; mellow incandescent light beams bend around my breath with each exhale.  My fingertips trace the flimsy, yellowed-with-age tape on the boxes.  I wish the boxes could be locked with a key, sealed for all time.  Instead, the tape disintegrates, and the sides of the boxes […]