Chevelon Crossing & Chevelon Lake

So…I am finally getting to the photos I took on this beautiful trip in July 2018.  We got rained on quite a lot…but these lyrics summed up my state of mind…


If the rain comes they run and hide their heads. 
They might as well be dead, 
If the rain comes, if the rain comes. 
When the sun shines they slip into the shade, 
And sip their lemonade, 
When the sun shines, when the sun shines. 
Rain, I don’t mind, 
Shine, the weather’s fine. 
I can show you that when it starts to rain, 
Everything’s the same, 
I can show you, I can show you. 
Rain, I don’t mind, 
Shine, the weather’s fine. 
Can you hear me that when it rains and shines, 
It’s just a state of mind, 
Can you hear me, can you hear me?

-The Beatles

We were only people and dogs around for miles and miles and miles!

About the artist:

Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her artistic journey has taken many twists and turns but photography and writing have become the primary outlets for her artistic expression. She is an artist at Offset.com, Lensdrop and Adobe. Her work/photography has been published by National Geographic Your Shot, Lensbaby, Beyond the Wanderlust, and has been licensed for ads by Samsung and other companies for advertisements. Her best days are filled with loving and guiding her offspring and pups, music, reading, creating photographs and writings, hiking, yoga, cooking, and sky-gazing. In the social media world, she can be found on Instagram @natalie_a_wheeler, and as a moderator for @theechoesinside, a hub for self-portraiture.

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