When I went back to visit family and do a few photography sessions back in Ohio over Thanksgiving, my mom gifted me a film camera she had recently found after years of being packed away somewhere. I’ve been wanting to get into film for many years, but was afraid of the expense. Purchasing film and having the images scanned and developed didn’t seem to be in my budget, especially considering I had everything I needed to make digital images.
But when the camera fell into my lap, it seemed a sign it was time…despite the expense.

I’m taking in my rolls in about three at a time every other month (the place I get them developed is far from me).  It takes several weeks to get the scans back, which is a lesson in patience for me as I typically edit photos the same day I take them with my digital gear. But it’s very exciting to get scans back and seeing some of the photos that I forgot I even took and then having that “oh yeah, I remember taking that one!” moment.

For now I’m just posting a few of my film self-portraits here in this particular blog. I’ll share more on a new account I created just for my film images: @natalie_films. I hope to see you there!

On that note, my weeks of fast paced creating are coming to a halt for the time being to heal and recover from some health issues.

sending peace and love always…





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