Hiding from Hallmark

Every day is love day…

This self -portrait series is called “Hiding from Hallmark.”

Valentine’s Day…. For me, the culture of consumerism that takes over on Valentine’s Day- a day set aside to celebrate love with “things,”really makes no sense to me.  Love has no foundation in things. Appreciation and gratitude doesn’t come in the form of a $6 paper card or a box of candy.
These thoughts were circling around in my mind several days ago—and converged with an abandoned couch I passed as I was out running with my dog. The week before, my daughter received a bouquet of roses from her performance in a play- which were well on their way to a decayed state. Together with the abandoned couch, the dying flowers seemed like an apt metaphor for my thoughts on Hallmark Holidays and how they abandon that which is real and truly meaningful. There is a certain amount of decay that results from so much focus on things rather than heart.



Natalie is 65% Swedish, 45% German, 35% English, 1% Cherokee, 400% Goofball, 400% Rebel. Most days she is too tall to wear pants. She is best known for her solid math skills, bad handwriting, and reliable sarcasm.

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