Keep me there resting…

I’m in deep dream sleep

Keep me there resting

where the monsters

stay trapped

under my bed

and can’t escape

back to my head

Keep me there

where every truth

isn’t a dare

where the ground doesen’t swim

me to the cold waters’ stare

I’m in a deep dream sleep

keep me there resting

more alive under my lids

where the Picture Show reels

beams of golden light

to starlit winds

no longer nervous

for the most unreal real

feelings are dreamt tonight

in the warm cradle of

the subconscious


About the artist:


*can speak seven dialects of subterranean punk, 45 and a half Keith Richard dialects.

*mixes with cinnamon girls and gold dust women

*blows kisses to the clouds.

*is currently rewriting the Suburban Dictionary

*is a third born unicorn

*Cannot read maps

*is a rebel without a clue

*cannot drink hot drinks without burning her mouth

*cannot petition the sun for flare

*wears metaphorical pants and monsters.

*wishes she were the moon tonight.

*one of these strange days she will be caught in the celebration of the lizard.


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