Lady Behind the Lens

Hey there folks and thank you for stopping by!  I am an artist located in Phoenix, Arizona. My artistic journey began long ago taking several twists and turns, but it wasn’t until I entered my 30s that photography became the primary outlet for my artistic expression.  I threw myself into it with everything I had, so that I could translate the way I see the world and the moments surrounding me into photographs.  There is so much to be inspired by:  light, shadows, contrast, shapes, lines, colors, words, nature, adventure, music, and of course, the people (and animals) I love!  I like to remain behind the scenes as a quiet observer as much as possible and I strive to document moments authentically and honestly.  For this reason, I choose not to take on typical stylized/posed sessions.   I love projects and collaborating with other passionate artists.

I have been published with National Geographic Your Shot and my work has been featured on photography blogs.   Check out the features tab for interviews and examples of my work.  I am an artist with Offset, Lensdrop, and Adobe Stock (premium international stock image companies).  My Offset gallery lives here: Natalie Wheeler.   I also serve as a moderator for @theechoesinsdie, an Instagram hub that shines a light on other self-portrait artists.

Current work on display:

Self-portrait work at the Herberger Theater, then to be moved to the AZ State Capitol Museum.

Upcoming shows:

5 piece self-portrait collection at Shaneland Arts Gallery.

2 self-portraits in the “Women by Women” exhibit at the Desert Foothills Library.


Most of my personal work in the social media world can be found at @natalie_a_wheeler and @natalie-films.



You’re still here?  Here’s a little more…..

I am music obsessed. I have it on ALL THE TIME for real or in my head.  As a kid, I constantly sought out the basement jukebox for tunes or was carrying around my Fisher-Price cassette player.

I depend on and trust the artistic process to keep me present, engaged, and fueled.

I love camping, fires, cooking out, chocolate, tea, good beer, and red wine.

I enjoy writing and am a bit of a word nerd. Also reading. Also movies.

Every animal is my spirit animal.

Traveling and my studies in anthropology has largely shaped my world view.

I used to walk on my hands a lot as a kid and I’m working on it again mid-30s- also climbing street poles! Yeah!

Fun and laughing are things I need everyday. It feels even better when I can make others laugh.

I strive for and am attracted to authenticity.

I don’t like rules or too much order.

 I think compassion, kindness, and love are really the only necessary foundations to guide the way.

I go for deep conversation, leaving the small talk behind. Small talk is just not in my skill set.

I am a night owl, and NOT a morning person. My folks often tease that my first words were “Here’s Johnny (Carson).”

Peace and love,