Let go

Can you carry this your whole existence?

Can you thread every opposed sense together?

Can you see yourself in front of the shadows of tomorrow?

Can you bury the weights that block your veins?

Can you breathe behind the doors they locked up on you decades ago?

You leave.

You left.

You come.

And you let go.

About the artist:

*can speak seven dialects of subterranean punk, 45 and a half Keith Richard dialects.
*blows kisses to the clouds.
*wears metaphorical pants and monsters.
*is 55% German, 35% Swedish, 20% English, 99% night owl, 2% Cherokee 
* is mostly known for her math skills and improper use of sarcasm 
*paints it sunbeams.
* can turn water into pee
*believes in locomotion.
*spent her childhood in a treehouse with beetles, squirrels, and land pirates. 
*one of these strange days she will becaught in the celebration of the lizard.

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