Life {Unscripted} Interview from April 8, 2016

Have we got a treat for you! For the first time ever, our founder at Life {Unscripted} is answering questions from members of the L{U} team about her journey, her dreams and all things photography. If you do not know her or follow her already you are in for a huge treat! Natalie Wheeler of Act Naturally Photography is an amazing photographer, supportive artist and one of the most positive people you will ever meet. Her work is soulful and heartfelt in an genuine way that is so hard to achieve. Time and time again, Natalie’s photos capture the timeless essence of the moment in an approachable yet beautifully artistic way. Having spent some time with Natalie, I can assure you that the love and genuine connection that you see in her photos is a direct reflection of her beautiful soul.

Enjoy her interview and her amazing work! To get to know her better check her out here on Facebook and here at her website. Enjoy!

-Chrissy Ray Photography


1) Can you give us a small glimpse into how Life {Unscripted) began and why?

I’m so happy to answer this question Stacey, April and Kristin! The decision to become a professional photographer, when the ambitions of a hobbyist turn into making it a career path, is a daunting one. Many of us are self-taught, introverted, and insecure about the art we put out there for the world to see, especially at the beginning. It can take years to figure out your style, and then you realize that getting at the core of what you really want to create is a never-ending process. Many of us work from home, and rarely see or work with other photographers (or even just other adults) on a daily basis. Even introverts can benefit from a community of support from kindred spirits. This is what I was seeking, what I really needed, and was lucky enough to find! I had asked several blog circles that were already established if I could join their circle, but they were all at capacity. I was determined to find a place that would lessen my isolation, if it meant I had to create it myself, then that’s what I was going to do. I sent feelers out on my business page and, surprisingly, interest was there immediately. I literally took people on a first come, first serve basis and that was the start of Life {Unscripted}! Some members have come and gone, and the group has expanded in purpose to include more than a monthly blog circle. But at every turn, the group was right where it was supposed to be. Those who are no longer able to be a part of the group are still in our hearts and made an impact on what the group is today. Looking back, it’s really mind blowing to think this little group, none of us who have ever met in person and barely knew each other existed prior to this, would turn into such a close group of kindred spirits who delve into so much beyond photography in support of one another.


2) If you could go back and tell your starting out photographer self one thing, what would it be?

If only I could actually do this Tiffany!! What first comes to mind is to be patient and trust that what I have to offer in my art will be worthwhile, but that it takes time and a lot of practice for the visions in our heads to catch up and be refined technically and stylistically. That it is ok if my art is only just for me, and if nothing else to serve as a form of release and to turn pain into something beautiful and to serve as a reminder that beauty and love is always surrounding me, even when I fail to see it in the moment.

3) Right now, besides your own children, what is your a favorite genre to shoot?

This is a great question Stacey, because those who follow my work know pretty much all you see are the faces of my kids and dog-to a fault I am certain. I am really passionate lifestyle photography and documenting daily life and it’s hard for me to ever seeing that changing. So whatever else I shoot or whatever other direction I choose to follow, will be in that same vein. It’s hard, or perhaps even impossible for me to operate any other way. Right now, I feel documenting my own life with small children-our family and friends, is all there is space for.



4) Your theme is {all the thinks you can think}, so I ask you what are all the THINKS you can THINK? What is your biggest dream on your photography bucket list?

Good question Crystal! There are other areas I would like to expand my photography in time. Since we are talking dreams…I would say that documenting the behind the scenes of music bands would be at the top of my list, should I be lucky enough to get those opportunities. Another, much more realistic dream I have would be to rent an airstream and travel the country (or other countries) with my family and photograph our journey.

Kids Playing Muscial Instruments with Dog



5) Our dear friend Natalie Wiseman Wheeler has such a big heart! She is the first to like/love an image of mine and she always has some beautiful words of encouragement for us! She has built up an incredible community of truly gifted artists and supportive friends. Life {unscripted} is more than just a FB community for me, it is a place I call home in this big giant world called the World Wide Web! My questions for you, Natalie: if you could choose any place to meet up with friends, where would it be? I would like to meet you there one day, so make it good!

Thank you AnnMarie! This is something I fantasize about often. I want to meet ALL my L{U} ladies face to face. Every time I envision this happening, I picture us in a remote area, like at a cabin the woods. Just us in nature with our cameras, prepping our own meals and drinks, and doing some mean handstand challenges!



6) For me, when I see your work, what really shines is both the moment and the light! Can you talk about your creative process and how these two elements work for you?

Thank you Courtney! Over the years, as I’ve developed a better understanding of light, I find I selectively shoot when the light inspires me. I let a lot of special moments go because the light is uninspiring. Those are the ones I try to burn in my brain and let the pressure of documenting go, because I know I won’t be happy with the artistic outcome. My children have grown up with the camera and are very used to it, which helps with natural expressions. I never want it to burden them, so I read their cues carefully. It’s a fine line, and one I am sure I overstep occasionally, but I respect their time and space and we seem to have a system that works pretty well for shooting almost daily. And when you shoot almost daily, you are bound to get some good shots that capture both pretty light and special moments.


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All of us here Life {Unscripted} would like to send a big shout out to all of our fans for all that they do and for stopping in to this weeks FFF.  Make sure you head over to the page to get your images posted to our wall for a chance to be featured on our page.


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