Life {Unscripted} Volume 21


 unnamed (1)Welcome to the 21st volume of Life {Unscripted}’s blog circle! It was a great month for us and I hope you enjoy the little pieces here that represent some of our moments in May.

Next up in the circle is the wildly talent April Kraus. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to catch her link and then follow the circle around.

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Please click here to visit the phenomenal April Kraus Photography’s blog.   Her work puts me in mind of the greats in this field. Seriously. You don’t want to miss out!



Natalie’s primary goal as a photographer is to get to the core of the human connection by capturing authentic, emotive expressions and documenting life as it unfolds. Based in Peoria, Arizona, she draws inspiration from the life of her two young children and takes photographs that will forever serve as photographic memories of the stories and seasons of their lives. She is an Offset Artist and her work has been published by Lensbaby, Beyond the Wanderlust, and she is also the founder of Life {Unscripted}; a community for photographers to connect, share their work, and be inspired by each other.


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