Life {Unscripted} Volume 22

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HELLO!! and welcome to the 22nd volume of Life {Unscripted}’s blog circle!  June has absolutely flown by and it’s been a hot one in the desert.  We’ve had record breaking heat here, which means little to no outdoor photographs from me. I have found a few pockets of light in our home that give me some nice results, so the bulk of this month’s images come from those spots!  The big event this month was my daughter’s 8th birthday (8!!!).  We are in the process of putting in a pool, which will help us cope with the desert heat much better.  Next month’s blog will be a bit of a change of scenery as it will include pictures from our upcoming trip to Ohio! I hope you follow the circle around to see what the other L{U} ladies have been up to and see how they so brilliantly capture their lives as art!  Next up is the wildly talented April Kraus Photography!

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8 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Volume 22”

  1. ooh that pool is going to be so much fun! I’m already looking forward to the awesome pictures you will capture when it is complete! I love how you capture your kids personalities so perfectly! This is such a great month!!! xoxo

  2. I love love love!! I could stare at your work all day long. And I hope your trip goes waaayyyy better than mine did 😉

  3. These are beautiful! I love how in this set we get such a great insight into the personalities of you kids! These feel so intimate and so amazingly captured! xoxox

  4. Natalie, I remember that window shot from when you showed it to us! How in the WORLD??? You are amazing. Love your month, but sorry you have been stuck inside! Look forward to some pool shots in the future, as I’m sure you are too, woohoooo!

  5. Love this post! Can’t believe your girl is 8! She is a doll! I know you are ready for your pool…hopefully it’s coming along! I love that your pup makes it into the frame often! Part of the family for sure!

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