Life {Unscripted} Volume 23

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Welcome to the 23rd volume of Life {Unscripted}!  This past month we took our annual trip to Ohio.  We kicked the 4th of July off by riding in my father’s ’57 T-bird and throwing candy to the crowds in style.   There are children and dogs in abundance, humidity, wind, swimming, a toy closet with some vintage toys, boating, tennis and golf, “kayaking”, and a treasured family jukebox that plays 45s.  And most importantly, it’s our chance to reconnect with extended family and friends.   Here are a few photos from our Ohio journey and I hope you enjoy them!  Please follow the circle around to see what the other ladies have been up to.  Next up is Courtney of Momentologie Photography, click here to see her blog!


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Natalie’s primary goal as a photographer is to get to the core of the human connection by capturing authentic, emotive expressions and documenting life as it unfolds. Based in Peoria, Arizona, she draws inspiration from the life of her two young children and takes photographs that will forever serve as photographic memories of the stories and seasons of their lives. She is an Offset Artist and her work has been published by Lensbaby, Beyond the Wanderlust, and she is also the founder of Life {Unscripted}; a community for photographers to connect, share their work, and be inspired by each other.


8 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Volume 23”

  1. Seriously that Tennis capture is AWESOME!!! I love shooting through things, and would of never thought to capture it like that. That is why I LOVE your work lady 🙂 so creative.

  2. These have me smiling from ear to ear! Soo soo good Natalie! I love that flare and the one with the tennis racket in particular! So sweet! Really enjoyed this month of yours!

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