MOODoir Sessions

Ok Natalie, this sounds a lot like boudoir, but HEY you spelled it wrong! MOO?

Yes, I did.  I promise, though that I will not make you MOO! during our photography session (unless of course that is your thing and there is a vision to work with there…)

Actually, what these sessions are about is exploring your dimensions– your MOODs– and bringing them to the surface, with a boudoir twist.

This concept began with my self-portraiture and I am now offering it to YOU!  Take a look at my self-portrait work to get a sense for my style.  If it feels like a good fit, let’s plan to meet for coffee to talk about what we can create together!

Sessions starting at $695


call or text: 412-302-7010


email: natalie.a.wheeler@gmail.com