Nashville/Atlanta 2017


Seeing my distant cousins Scotty Wiseman and Lulu Belle in the Country Music Hall of Fame, was so very amazing!


The Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny’s marbles.

The “Hurt” corner.  I stayed there a while, listening to the song over and over… even though it was tearing me a part…I guess the good kind of torn apart.  Yes, tears and maybe even a little ugly crying in public.  It couldn’t be helped.

I have never thought much about dresses or clothes.  But this one that belonged to June Carter Cash made me stop and wish I could make a  replica.

Santa’s Pub….KARAOKE!  I really enjoyed our night here, especially because my husband getting hit on by a 22 year old beauty several times throughout the night, hahaha!

Head in the beerlights…

She was SO GOOD!


We couldn’t make it to The Bluebird Cafe as we had hoped, but really enjoyed The Listening Room Cafe!

Making a friend who writes the names of the people she meets backwards!


On to Atlanta, which was not originally going to be a stop on this trip.  That changed when Dean surprised me with Brandi Carlile tickets at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was one of the best shows (and hottest) I have ever seen!



An exceptionally nice treat compliments of my brother-in-law!  Thanks Roger!

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