Reasons Why

Reasons why I “shouldn’t” share this photo:

1)  I do not fit the narrow and confining standards of female beauty our society holds absolute because  I’m 4’ 11.”  I have been ridiculed my whole life about my stature/physique.  I am reminded of this almost every time I leave the house, as typically someone makes a comment to me that leaves me really knocked down.  It’s taken me nearly 30 years to figure out how to find a healthy outlet for my feelings when they get too heavy.  For the last year and a half, self portraiture has been a journey in building strength and self-confidence. I believe there is a shift towards greater acceptance of all shapes and sizes but we still have a really long way to go.

2)  I am a mother.  Society at large tells women that any display of their sensual self is inappropriate after that life change. But all of the other basic biological needs remain acceptable. We see all too often the damage done individually and collectively when we suppress our biological needs. We need to understand them, own them, care for them, and not deny their right to live within us healthfully.

3) I appear narcissistic. We aren’t supposed to love ourselves “too” much, especially if we are a woman.  How self love got twisted into a negative is a severe form of repression. Can you imagine telling your child, or anyone you truly care about that they love themselves too much? Because isn’t that really one of the best protections we can have in life?  If we have that protection radiating from within, we won’t  tolerate people in our lives who don’t have our best interests at heart.

4) It might empower other women to feel sensual and get better in touch with that side. They might start to feel more confident and powerful than ever before and that will upset much of the status quo that’s holding them down.

Reasons why I SHOULD share this photo:
Same as all of the above.

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