Ring of Fire Guitar Inspiration

These photos were inspired by a new self-portrait community I have been lucky enough to be a part of, called “Ring of Fire.”  I am still pinching myself that I was asked to join these incredible artists, and that I get to actively communicate with them–sharing ideas and inspirations.  These amazing souls have already brought me far outside of my shell, and I am so grateful for that!  We haven’t officially started our Instagram loop yet, but it is coming soon!  I  have never participated in a loop before, having a lot of trepidation when it comes to following prompts. It has never been how I begin my creative process.  But I now believe I can find myself or and my perspective in any prompt, and run with it.  It will be a new kind of challenge that I am excited about taking on.  The first unofficial prompt was to shoot with an instrument.  A couple of years ago, I spent a few months trying to learn how to play guitar. I was making really good progress but then took an extended summer vacation road trip and I let it slip away from me.  This year I am recommitting to learning the guitar, and committing to push myself as far as I can with my art–leaving all comfort zones in the dust.

I hope you check out our loop when it goes live! More information to come!

About the artist:

Natalie is 65% Swedish, 45% German, 35% English, 1% Cherokee, 400% Goofball, 400% Rebel. Most days she is too tall to wear pants. She is best known for her solid math skills, bad handwriting, and reliable sarcasm.

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