Tag : original poems

16 Jul 2018

The Wave

This stormy afternoon Every story in stare Pulling my hair for Pages torn too soon A curtain of words Remain everywhere   Pages and strands Pages and strands   The night is absent Flickering cigarettes And green fairy absinthe Leaving your breath For my burdened body Made to never forget   Vertical hands Vertical hands   Washing the day’s start Already…so far away Nature meant change For you, the fourth tide For me, taken in it’s wave The just in case… […]

07 Jul 2018

Today…Yesterday… Tomorrow #2

Today… Was like a postcard from a friend A few words to lift me up On a day I’d never met A gesture to jettison the grownup   Yesterday… Was like a wide-eyed mirror Rousing tomorrow’s blood But still nothing seems clear What’s here, returned, left of me Tomorrow… Brings up a smile lost in the shadows The release of nothing matters A long climb out the window To reimagine the internal rafters.   Part 1 here   Natalie resides […]