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17 Jan 2018

Night Moves in Blue

It had been too long since I had taken my self-portraiture medicine.  I was starting to get twitchy-twitchy (yes, doubly twitchy).  I have been unable make space during the daylight hours to accomplish self-portraits as of late- a temporary issue, but one I needed to work around.  In order to make this series of photographs, I had to break from my reliance on the sunshine.  I drew from a completely different light source, a “no signal” blue light from a […]

28 Oct 2017

Late Summer Bloom

Morning asthma. It’s always scary. Even when it’s mild. He wanted to stay home. He could have gone to school. We are trying to find the balance. Safe at home. Safe at school. We let him stay home. He wanted chocolate pancakes. I  made him chocolate pancakes. He loves honey. It’s raw. It’s local. It’s late summer bloom. It might help his allergies. It was a beautiful morning. He was fine. He is fine. He will be fine.     […]

17 Oct 2017

Edge of Thirty-Seven

Upon waking on Tuesday, October 3rd,  I was struck with an intense desire to start writing.  I skipped my daily five mile morning hike and picked up my pen instead.  The day before had been full of heartbreak for many, myself included.  With the horrific mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert and Tom Petty’s passing, I felt uncontrollable sadness.  I  knew I needed to figure out how to channel that sadness into something else that would help me refocus […]

25 Sep 2017

Buddha Beach, August 2017

Yes…I have already shared a lot of pictures from this day, from this spot on social media, but here are ALL of my favorites.  I love this place, these people, these dogs, and I feel so lucky to get to enjoy it all in the moment and behind my lens.  I used two lenses for this photo series: the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 art lens, and the Lensbaby Twist 60.  I am thrilled to be collaborating with Lensbaby for their “Journey […]

08 Aug 2017

Plastic Mary

Plastic Mary Sitting among white static A portrait of the oldest plastic Young Mary Magdalene Feeling fine with her so-called crimes Her mind dressed to the nines Leaving behind her old tattered prayer The Seven demons in her hair Pulling out the truth and lies As her soul slips side to side Reading washed up scrolls from ancient tides Wayward she roams through the desert sand Alone in thought, she takes her only stand Above the stories that always change […]

28 Jul 2017

Brunch in Austin with a Side of Probiotic Pickle

Hello from Austin, Texas!  It’s my first time in Austin and even though we just got here last night, I love the vibes so far.  We’ve been on the road almost a month now.  I LOVE to travel.  It’s in my blood and bones.  I am GRATEFUL to be able to travel…BEYOND grateful.  Just like anything though, the joys and excitements come with some difficulties.   Traveling, especially in long stretches, is no exception.  I have certain health issues that cause […]

09 Jul 2017

Black Sheep

Black Sheep I saw your face through a teary window Said you couldn’t sleep That you fought the day And lost in the rain Talk talk talk to me Hey what’s the matter You were born in the space between A black sheep Awake and cursing the chatter That sound you’ve learned to drown Sometimes and again Still you told me you could hold together Its easy to see, because you know And it makes you laugh Never wanna mind […]

21 Jun 2017

Shades Like Hazel

Shades Like Hazel Reaching out your hand of stone Digging in that vast boneyard For the remains of those who trust They bury your lies while you roam With time broken bones heal Together harder than before And echoes of sorry turn to steel   And was it just so easy And so very simple, For you, for you Because I wanted to believe I wanted to believe in shades like hazel in shades like hazel But without vision… Without […]

17 Jun 2017

Splashing Around in the Summer Sun

As the summer sun so delightfully aligns with our backyard, it makes for some incredibly gorgeous golden rays of sun while we play around in the pool.  Temperatures are rising steadily here in the Arizona desert as we are approaching a forecast of 118 degrees!  We are beyond grateful to be able to splash around and cool off, which makes it possible to be outside this time of year.  I love watching these kids swim, jump, smile, laugh and splash […]

13 Jun 2017

Turning Nine

This treasure has now completed nine journeys around the sun,  filling each day with love, light and laughter. My adoration is beyond measure… Happy birthday my darling!   About the artist: Natalie’s primary goal as an artist is to evoke feeling through her words and photographs.  Her artistic journey began long ago but it wasn’t until she entered her 30s that photography and writing became the primary outlet for her artistic expression.  She likes to share the way she sees the world with […]