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09 Jul 2017

Tubing and Boating on Lake Erie

      About the artist: Natalie’s primary goal as an artist is to evoke feeling through her words and photographs. Her artistic journey began long ago but it wasn’t until she entered her 30s that photography and writing became the primary outlet for her artistic expression. She likes to share the way she sees the world with those who are interested in her perspective. She is inspired by light, shadows, contrast, shapes, lines, colors, words, nature, adventure, music, and […]

31 Dec 2016

The Gray Attic, 1989

  The Gray Attic 1989 Sitting cross-legged in the confines of my gray attic, memories thread every corner and curve.  Soft, decaying cardboard boxes backbone empty spaces.  There is a deep chill in the darkness; mellow incandescent light beams bend around my breath with each exhale.  My fingertips trace the flimsy, yellowed-with-age tape on the boxes.  I wish the boxes could be locked with a key, sealed for all time.  Instead, the tape disintegrates, and the sides of the boxes […]