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18 Jul 2018


The unlady-like verified mystery windowed in hesitating stares leaning on unsteady sturdy knees every single day begs, borrows, repeats decaying songs from loving scars in the mirror fearing in the mirror breathing out steam fed by the sea   Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her artistic journey has taken many twists and turns but photography and writing have become the primary outlets for her artistic expression. She is an artist at Offset.com, […]

16 Jul 2018

The Wave

This stormy afternoon Every story in stare Pulling my hair for Pages torn too soon A curtain of words Remain everywhere   Pages and strands Pages and strands   The night is absent Flickering cigarettes And green fairy absinthe Leaving your breath For my burdened body Made to never forget   Vertical hands Vertical hands   Falling at the day’s start Rising at it’s end Already so far away… taken by the fourth tide washed in it’s wave The just in […]

11 Jul 2018

Ocean Verse

Ocean Verse seeking the skies below on a solo powered flight as jagged air meets gentle dust she flies backwards protected like a pinecone in a purse between cerulean highs and goodbyes she sinks upwards curving to the water’s feet every energy is reversed in this place she’s forever seen but could never uncover she calls the vital force becoming her own wave crash-testing the outside the seraphic octopus songs bubble her to low tides all legs on the electric […]

09 Jul 2018

Today…Yesterday…Tomorrow #3

Today… Is lucky number thirteen A leftover, fluttering month Singing every stored up sound Out of a tied-up old tongue Once…but not done   Yesterday… It rained pig wheels and rainbow elephants A dream of childish damsels canned by daggers Hurts…what is worse   Tomorrow… Will be a clover of two or three Next to none at all Wouldn’t that be something Lucky wild animal Growing…in the green   Previous: Today…Yesterday…Tomorrow #2 Today…Yesterday…Tomorrow #1 Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with […]

07 Jul 2018

Today…Yesterday… Tomorrow #2

Today… Was like a postcard from a friend A few words to lift me up On a day I’d never met A gesture to jettison the grownup   Yesterday… Was like a wide-eyed mirror Rousing tomorrow’s blood But still nothing seems clear What’s here, returned, left of me Tomorrow… Brings up a smile lost in the shadows The release of nothing matters A long climb out the window To reimagine the internal rafters.   Part 1 here   Natalie resides […]

06 Jul 2018


Today… Feels like every Forgotten shower All these things Could be so easy Just spin that hour In your extinct eye   Yesterday… Burned all my fingers On that loud, heavy slaphappy stinger nearly shattered each flower of flesh Yeah it matters   Tomorrow… Knocking at my Doorstep You with your lips On every fret Leave these strings Uncut It becomes easy To forget When there is Warm breath left.     Part 2 here Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, […]

27 Jun 2018

Flip Side

Flip Side You weren’t supposed to find this place were you? You weren’t supposed to see inside you. Go back, go back under the covers! But you won’t, will you? No…no, you’ll stay up and burn up the rules, like the wind carries fire from tree to tree. You weren’t supposed to feel so much, were you? No, don’t touch anything, or let your heart and soul grow. But you did and now… you’re inside the storms that move winter […]

22 Jun 2018

Net of Nightmares

With all my bouncing between desolation and The Spark You hear me… all my stories and all my secrets You see me… all my scars and all my spirits and when I sink in the net of my nightmares you unravel me in the dark… And when our touches are torn apart, scattering like wind they travel as sound on every ancient highway…   Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her artistic journey […]

06 May 2018

Red Heart Blue

Skidded down skeleton-truths Down down down, until I crashed myself Upside-down On a pile of farewell smiles… That eggshell youth… I won’t go higher Or faster without my red balloons I know, not here on this floating feeling… The rocket fuel for flying, that childhood lightening struck my blue-red heart struck my red heart blue… Again, again and at the same time… The future handles push my ankles through, every lost feeling too… The energy, that energy can never disappear, […]

03 May 2018

A Stream of Consciousness from a Little Mouse, Long Ago…

I was a dressed up mouse In our dad-made treehouse As if all I could do was pout… Hands on my hips, tongue sticking out of my lips… They forgot to tell me to come down for dinner. So I listened to the beetles call and became a singer I gave my favorite doll leaf-water tea and leftover mudcakes we were so happy. Up here my rabbits could not escape through broken down fences… no habits to run to or […]