Takeover with Contagion Media

Good morning art folks and friends!
I am so honored to have been asked to take over here for a few days to talk about what the artistic process is like for me and to share some behind the scenes tips and anecdotes. So here we go!
My name is Natalie @natalie_a_wheeler. I started seriously taking photographs about 9 years ago. As I started out, my work could be described as a mix of documentary and portrait photography. I love telling stories through photographs. When I take portraits, my goal is to try to reveal something at the core of the subject’s soul and have it reflected in the photograph.
While I still do documentary and portrait photography, for the past four years I have become primarily a self-portrait artist. It’s not something I could have ever imagined myself doing but it just started unraveling organically. It has been a journey in healing and getting in touch and strengthening parts of me that had been buried over the years. It has become my strongest voice and a practice that I’ve come to depend on to help me through difficult times and emotions.
Here’s a sample of my work, I hope you enjoy!
Please make sure to check the stories here too! I’ll be sharing a lot there and answering questions too!
And you can check out more of my work @actnaturallyphotography and my website www.actnaturallyphotography.com.
Much love!

About the artist:


*can speak seven dialects of subterranean punk, 45 and a half Keith Richard dialects.
*blows kisses to the clouds.
*wears metaphorical pants and monsters.
*is 55% German, 35% Swedish, 20% English, 99% night owl, 2% Cherokee 
* is mostly known for her math skills and sarcasm 
*one of these strange days she will be swept up in the celebration of the lizard.

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