Tamale making

On a recent trip to Snowflake, AZ, we had many amazing experiences–one of which was learning the art of tamale making. We made green masa ones filled with chile and cheese, and red masa ones filled with chile, cheese and potato. Delicious! I’m still feeling inspired from this trip and these amazing folks who have made such a beautiful existence living off the grid.  And I can’t wait to use the blue corn tortillas gifted to me and filling my freezer…


*can speak seven dialects of subterranean punk, 45 and a half Keith Richard dialects.

*mixes with cinnamon girls and gold dust women

*blows kisses to the clouds

*is a third born unicorn

*cannot read maps

*is a rebel without a clue

*cannot drink hot drinks without burning her mouth

*cannot petition the sun for flare

*wears metaphorical pants and monsters.

*one of these strange days she will be caught in the celebration of the lizard.

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