The Dark Became Home

Of facts and fairytales…
in chapters of suns and moons,
memories of un-borrowable beauty
ride the low and falling highs.
A being more vivid and more blue
than before The Rain arrived.
The Dark became home…
cooling the day-ending rays
that bleed for Night
in colors all Her own…

The Dark became home.



About the artist:
*can speak seven dialects of Cat, 45 and a half Dinosaur dialects.
*eats metaphorical Milky Ways.
*was a trapeze in a previous life.
*paints it black.
*paints it light.
*spent her childhood in treehouse where the only entrance/exit was a climbing pole.
*one of these strange days she will be caught in the celebration of the lizard.
*long live Strawberry Shortcake.

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