Seven Female Archetypes

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a little more than twenty-four hours in Jerome, Arizona. I immersed myself in it’s beauty, its history, it’s spirits, its energy and had one of the most prolific self-portrait sessions to date. I am often surprised by the versions of myself I see when I start processing my photographs.  For years, I have been calling these versions my “self scenarios.”  Many of us have hidden or repressed dimensions and finding the internal forces/medium(s) to allow them to come to the surface is so freeing, healing, and enlightening.  This idea of having “selves” or multiple dimensions–that are beyond our control, a theory of collective unconscious by Carl Jung, became the thread for the self-portraits taken in Jerome, Arizona (though I am sure I could do this many times over with most of the self-portraits in my body of work). Most of us have several or all of these traits in combination at some points in our lives–they don’t seem mutually exclusive to me, or all encompassing.  Connecting with these archetypes was an emotional experience.  As you view this series of self-portraits, I hope you feel encouraged to reflect on your own dimensions and human experience…a truly never-ending process!


The Mother

The Mystic

The Huntress

The Lover

The Queen

The SageThe Maiden



Natalie resides in Peoria, Arizona, with family. Her artistic journey has taken many twists and turns but photography and writing have become the primary outlets for her artistic expression. She is an artist at Offset.com, Lensdrop and Adobe. Her work/photography has been published by National Geographic Your Shot, Lensbaby, Beyond the Wanderlust, and has been licensed for ads by Samsung and other companies for advertisements. Her best days are filled with loving and guiding her offspring and pups, music, reading, creating photographs and writings, hiking, yoga, cooking, and sky-gazing. In the social media world, she can be found on Instagram @natalie_a_wheeler, and as a moderator for @theechoesinside, a hub for self-portraiture.

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